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London 2010 - The Summer Games
Japan v Mexico (pre Olympics friendly) 
21st-Jul-2012 04:56 pm
This afternoon, I went to see Japan's second Olympics warm-up game this week at Nottingham Forest's City Ground, and Mexico gave them a much better game than Belarus did earlier in the week. Both teams showed real flare in attack and produced some exciting football.

I must admit I was a little worried in the opening minute that it was going to be a bit of a slaughter when Japan scored against a Mexican defence that hadn't yet got to grips with the pace of the game. But Mexico rallied well and equalised with a belter of a goal just before half time.

The crowd was more equal as well, with roughly half and half noisy Japanese and noisy Mexicans, compared with not a Belarus fan in sight earlier in the week. The attendance was 2720, well up on the 800 that watched the Belarus game.

When the second half got a little scrappy, the Mexicans lived up to their name and started a Mexican wave, but as the crowd were only along one side of the ground it soon petered out. So they tried again, maybe on the vain hope that it would somehow find its way round the three empty sides, but it didn't, so they gave up.

As the second half progressed, both sides were clearly hoping for a winner, and both had their chances, but it was Japan who took the spoils with a late goal curled into to the top corner.

Both these teams look like they will be tough to beat when the tournament starts proper next week.
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